Tachograph Systems Auditing


TDi tachograph systems auditing provides you with authoritative and comprehensive checks on the systems you have in place to deal with drivers’ hours compliance and working time regulations.

Whether you are running digital, analogue or mixed fleets, you can count on our experience.

A detailed report of your efficiency and compliance of your tachograph systems and procedures will be outlined clearly with expert help and advice to help you improve on any areas that may require attention.

Correctly implemented systems are vital for an efficient operation and to keep your operator’s licence safe. Whether you already have systems in place and just want the peace of mind that all the boxes are ticked, or you may not have a system and are finding it difficult to organise we are here to help.

For a friendly chat about tachograph sytems auditing contact us.

You will benefit from:

  • Legal requirements and any deficiencies in your current systems being highlighted
  • Guidance and recommendations to ensure you are compliant with current legislation
  • Audits customised to suit your individual requirements
  • Audits carried out on your premises at a time to suit you
  • Detailed reports highlighting your strengths and weaknesses
  • Peace of mind that you will have suitable systems and procedures in place

What does a TDI audit cover?

  • Checks on tachograph chart issues, return and storage
  • Checks on driver card and vehicle unit data downloading
  • Evidence of inspection and calibration planning
  • Checks that chart analysis systems are in place
  • Checks for adequate systems to deal with errors and infringements
  • Driver licence checks
  • A review of driver training systems
  • Systems to monitor agency drivers
  • Expert on-site recommendations

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